Young Scots learn Chinese culture

Scottish duo Ewen Ferguson and Robert MacIntyre immersed themselves in traditional Chinese culture earlier on Wednesday by learning two new skills.

The pair of young Scots were taken into the middle of Foshan and were treated to a traditional Chinese Lion Dancing show, before giving it a go themselves, and were then taught a lesson in Chinese calligraphy.

Ferguson and MacIntyre are playing in the European Challenge Tour’s end of season Chinese Swing as the Road to Ras Al Khaimah hots up and this week tee it up in the Foshan Open following last week’s Hainan Open.

The Lion Dancing is a long-running art form which is kept alive by small groups who teach the next generation the dance, as well as the meaning behind it.

Following the conclusion of the show, the players were taught by a Grand Master of calligraphy how to write in Chinese symbols.

After experiencing a morning of Chinese culture, Ferguson said: “We went and learned some Chinese Lion Dancing, which was fun, and then we gave it a little go as well. I think we were pretty successful! It was good fun.

“Even just driving around the streets and stuff, it was amazing to see the different culture and the sights, it’s pretty cool.

“It was really cool, the dancing and stuff. When you’re watching them, they make it look so easy and you don’t think they’re doing anything too special until you get in that suit and give it a go yourself. You need some serious co-ordination for that stuff.”

MacIntyre, 22, said: “It’s a new career choice! It’s completely different to every other country we go to. Even coming from last week to this week, it’s so different.

“I really enjoy seeing different places and different cultures and I think it’s really good for everyone. Personally I thought Chinese writing was Chinese writing but it’s honestly so different to what I thought. It’s so detailed with all the little flicks they put into the writing.

“I’ve not got a steady enough hand when it comes to the writing but you’ve got the short line, the medium line and the long line down to a tee, Ewbo!”

The pair’s attention will now turn to the 2018 Foshan Open, with Ferguson teeing off at 12.20pm local time and MacIntyre beginning at 7.20am on Thursday October 18.


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